"Dan is a joy to work with! His unbounded energy and love of his craft resulted in a highly successful and enjoyable week-long residency that reached many people in the community who don't normally come to our programs, particularly college students. The residency culminated in a sold-out final performance that had the audience enthralled throughout this most enjoyable evening."               

                --Olin Fine Arts Center, W&J College

"Dan Kamin's 'Comedy Concerto' was just the ticket for a special New Year's Eve Concert. Dan's great choices of music and motion delighted a full house...a great experience

for all!"

                      --Reading Symphony

"...provocative, serio-comic and thoroughly entertaining."

--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"I never knew that a pantomimist could be so intelligent. I guess you proved me wrong."

                               --Stacy, age 11

"You made me laugh so hard that I got a headache. Nobody's ever done that before."

                               --Kenneth, age 11

"I like your job although it's not what I am going to be. It has now made my second job choice though."

                                --Destiny, age 9

"You seem a little old doing pantomime, but you do it pretty good."

                               --David, age 8

"You are the funniest person I have ever seen."

                                --Kurt, age 10

"What a talent."

                               --John, age 6

"The show is laced with biting wit."

--Sunday News, Lancaster, PA

"Intelligent and well-scripted...inspired."

                      --Pittsburgh Press

"An amazing performance...the only performer in recent years to earn a standing ovation...I strongly recommend Dan Kamin."

                      --Lyle Cayce, Florida State

"Hearty laughter throughout the performance and a standing ovation at the end."

                      --Billings Gazette

"A breathtaking display of theatricality that's sharp, funny and highly inventive."

                      --In Pittsburgh Weekly

"An arresting combination of physical comedy, dance, magic and speech... hilarious."

                      --Patriot News, Harrisburg, PA

"Needs psychiatric intervention."

                  --Anonymous showcase evaluation