WARNING:  This show features eye-popping movement, mind-boggling sleight-of-hand magic and sidesplitting comedy.  Take at your own risk.


Funny Business.  Dan trained Robert Downey, Jr. for his Oscar-nominated performance in Chaplin, and he dishes the dirt about the comic legend in two amazing programs.


Dan's Comedy Concertos have made him popular with symphonies worldwide, but not with conductors, who hate and fear him.  Read more...

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Picture a nervous keynote speaker. His unsuspecting audience tries to stifle their laughter as things start to go horribly wrong for him.  The catastrophes escalate, until the hapless speaker is appalled to find the lectern collapsing and his clothing coming apart at the seams.

Next, picture a beautiful dancing couple, the man in tails and - wait, is that elegant beauty actually a lifelike doll? She is, and she has some definite ideas of her own about the relationship.

Finally, picture a crowded arts festival.  All at once, people become aware of a well-dressed man gliding along at just a fraction of normal speed.  A businessman from the Twilight Zone?  Not at all.

Welcome to the surprising world of Dan Kamin.